Overcast: Vancouver Island Fog Timelapse

This film is a tribute to dreary weather. Many of my most rewarding experiences outdoors were during the rainy winters here on Vancouver Island. I’ve always been captivated by the fog, and the beautiful ways it interacts with the earth’s surface. I’ve found that timelapse video is the best way to appreciate it. This was shot over the last couple years, in various locations all around Vancouver Island.

Soundtrack: Bluerise by Oliver Michael

Equipment used:
Nikon D800
Sony RX100V
DJI Mavic Pro
Syrp Genie 3 Axis

Burn – Fire in slow motion

There’s nothing like a bright, warm fire in the middle of a weekend of torrential downpour. Slow motion footage shot with Sony RX100 V

Music: City Angels by Oliver Michael

Goldstream Zen

This video is about two of Vancouver Islander’s favourite peaceful pastimes, rock stacking and waterfall hunting. Footage was shot at 240fps with the Sony RX100 V.

Music: Daydream by Ian Locke